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Standing Apart:

Mormon Historical Consciousness and the Concept of Apostasy


DATE: June 16 (Fullerton) and June 17 (La Canada – Flintridge).

TIME: 7:30 p.m.

We are pleased to announce, as our June 2017 presenters, Miranda Wilcox and John D. Young, co-editors of the award-winning essay collection, Standing Apart: Mormon Historical Consciousness and the Concept of Apostasy, published by Oxford University Press.

THE TOPIC: We owe a great debt to dedicated record keepers and scribes since the time of Jesus through whom we have the New Testament, yet we also lost “many plain and precious” parts of the Gospel. How did this happen? What pearls of great price can we find from the second and third centuries? What happened after Paul wrote his letters? What happened after the Gospels were composed (between about 70 AD to 100 AD)? The “apostasy” has been fundamental to the Church since Joseph Smith’s First Vision. How do we understand it today?

The authors of this anthology require us to rethink everything we thought we knew about the “Great Apostasy,” dating back to James E. Talmage’s time. That apostasy is a crucial predicate to Joseph Smith’s claim of the need for a restoration, so perhaps we will need to rethink what we thought we knew about that as well. Are we ready?
Miranda Wilcox is an associate professor of English at Brigham Young University where she teaches medieval literature. Her research focuses on the intersections of religious and textual culture in early medieval Europe. She has published articles about metaphor, biblical epic poetry, and the practice of professing the faith in Anglo-Saxon England. She also writes about connections between the Middle Ages and Mormonism. In the winter and spring of 2016 she was a visiting fellow at the Centre for Medieval Studies at the University of York, and in the summer and fall she co-directed study abroad programs at BYU’s London Center.

Miranda grew up in Covina, California. She received a BA in English from BYU and a MMS and PhD in medieval studies from the University of Notre Dame. She and John were classmates at Notre Dame’s Medieval Institute. She loves spending time with her niece and nephews. She enjoys playing the organ and often accompanies her wards and stakes. Currently she serves as a counselor in her ward’s Relief Society presidency.

John Young is associate professor of history at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida. While he specializes in the history of medieval Europe, he also teaches courses in ancient history, early modern European history, and all historical layers of African history. His research focuses on the cultural and religious history of the high Middle Ages, with particular emphasis on monasticism, Jewish-Christian relations, and church reform. In addition to his work on Standing Apart, he is co-editor of Preaching and New Worlds, forthcoming from Routledge Press. He has been a visiting professor at the University of Würzburg in Germany and is a research fellow at the Forschungsstelle für vergleichende Ordensgeschichte (Research Center for the Comparative History of Religious Orders) at the University of Dresden.

John grew up in southeast Idaho. He received a BA in history from BYU, a diploma in Jewish Studies from the University of Oxford, and an MMS and PhD in medieval studies from the University of Notre Dame. He and his wife Alicia have seven wonderful children. He currently serves as a counselor in his ward bishopric.

Posted by: Scott Volmar

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