Lael Littke Biography

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As a farm girl growing up in Mink Creek, Idaho, I had three dreams: to become a writer, to live in New York City, and to date Cary Grant. Two of my dreams came true (Cary Grant eluded me). After graduating from Preston High School (years before Napoleon Dynamite made it famous), I enrolled at Utah State University in Logan, majoring in education and English. Upon graduation I realized that teaching school in a small Utah town wasn’t included in my dreams, so I set off for Denver to join a girlfriend already working there and obtained a secretarial job. It was in Denver First Ward that I met George Charles Littke and found that he was one of the most like-minded guys I’d ever dated. Who needed Cary Grant?

Four months after we were married, George was offered a fellowship to complete his Ph.D. work at New York University as well as a full-time job at the Tax Foundation whose offices were in the RCA Building. We set off for the Big Apple, where we spent nine memorable years. We both worked full time and attended classes at night, George at NYU and I at City College of New York where I found a fine writing teacher. I made my first sale during those years, to the old Relief Society Magazine, and then broke into the national market with sales to Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, Ladies’ Home Journal, and Seventeen.

George had not quite finished his Ph.D. when he was offered a job teaching in the political science department of California State University, Los Angeles. We and our then three-year-old daughter, Lori, moved to California to begin another memorable segment of our lives. George beat the deadline to complete his Ph.D. work, and I discovered a remarkable writing teacher at Pasadena City College. I soon switched from writing short stories to young adult novels and children’s books. At the present time I have published more than 40 books. Both George and I became enthusiastic supporters of the Miller Eccles Study Group and were asked to be on the board of directors. George died in 1991, but I continues to take part in the Sunstone and Exponent II groups as well as MESG.