Helpful Links

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Here are some links that we have found helpful:

LDS Church Sites:

  • – The home page of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  • – Home page for the Church’s missionary effort.
  • LDS Newsroom – Official Church resource for news media and the public.
  • Gospel Library – Contains links pertinent to lesson or talk preparation, including all teaching manuals, image libraries, lesson outlines, scriptures, general conference addresses, Church magazine articles.

LDS-Themed Organizations and Publications:

  • Dialogue – Home page of Dialogue, A Journal of Mormon Thought. Archival articles available.
  • Sunstone – Home page of Sunstone Magazine. Current LDS news, symposium information, links to archival articles (print and audio).
  • BYU Studies – A scholarly journal that publishes articles on a variety of Mormon issues. Many past articles are downloadable from the website.
  • Mormon History Association – All members receive The Journal of Mormon History. Website contains information about annual MHA conferences.
  • Claremont Mormon Studies Program — Claremont offers seminars on a variety of subjects related to Mormon studies.
  • John Whitmer Historical Association – The historical association of the Community of Christ. Many LDS historians belong to this association and many of their publications are of interest to the LDS community.
  • Signature Books — Publishers of books related to Mormonism, including biographies, documentary references, personal essays, regional histories, fiction, and humor. Of special interest is the link to Signature’s “Online Library” where you can find many out-of-print books in electronic format.
  • FAIR – Website of the Foundation for Apologetic Information & Research. Contains links to articles written by Mormon apologists on a variety of issues.
  • Exponent II – A publication targeted to LDS women. Has a link to archived articles.

Miscellaneous Mormon-Themed Sites:

  • Mormon Scholars Testify – Messages of faith from LDS scholars including the likes of Armand Mauss, Richard Bushman, Blake Ostler, Louis Midgley, Hugh Nibley, Joanna Brooks, Craig Foster, Royal Skousen, Daniel C. Peterson, and many others.
  • Mormon Stories Podcast – A compilation of podcast interviews exploring all aspects of LDS thought and culture. Hosted by John Dehlin, it can also be subscribed to through iTunes.
  • Mormon Matters Podcast — A compilation of podcast panels discussing various topics of current interest to LDS inquiring minds. Hosted by Dan Wotherspoon, former editor of Sunstone Magazine.

Mormon-Themed Blogs: There countless Mormon blogs. You will find an expansive listing at Mormon Archipelago or Some of those that we occasionally follow are:

  • By Common Consent – A group blog. Regular bloggers include Kristine Haglund, Kevin Barney, Russell Arben Fox, Ronan Head, J. Nelson Seawright, John Hamer, Steve Evans and many others.
  • Times and Seasons – A group blog. Bloggers include Rosalynde Welch, Kaimi Wenger, Rory Swensen, Nate Oman, Matt Evans, Dave Banack, Alison Moore Smith, Kent Larson and many others.
  • Patheos – The Mormon Channel — Patheos is an online magazine of religious studies containing “channels” for a wide variety of religions. The Mormon Channel features an outstanding lineup of LDS bloggers, including Patrick Mason, Rosalynde Welch, Margaret Blair Young, Natasha Heifer Parker, Matthew Bowman, Kate Holbrook and others.
  • Millennial Star – A group blog. Bloggers include Naomi Frandsen, Jeff Lindsay, Adam Greenwood, Bruce Nielson, Joyce Brinton Anderson, Tanya Spackman and others.
  • Mormon Matters – A group blog. Bloggers include Andrew Ainsworth, Chris Bigelow, Clay Whipkey, Joanna Brooks, John Hamer, Bruce Nielson, Bored in Vernal, Batman, Hawkgrrrl and others.
  • A Motley Vision – A group blog founded by William Morris. Explores the world of Mormon arts and culture.
  • Dave’s Mormon Inquiry – A blog hosted by David Bannock, a former Miller Eccles regular until he moved out of the area.
  • Keepapitchinin’ – A Mormon history blog hosted by Ardis Parshall.
  • Feminist Mormon Housewives – Perhaps the most visited Mormon blog. A group blog focusing on issues of particular interest to young mothers.
  • Exponent II Blog – A group blog; the online forum of Exponent II magazine.